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1039-KJ-60   Trout Worm - 60 cavity
189-KJ-5   Trout Worm Curl Tail
191-KJ-5   Trout Worm Reaper
121-1-13   Trout Worm with .250" ball
120-1-13   Trout Worm with .250" salmon egg kit
CC-TFW-1-2   Tungsten Flipping Weights: 1/2oz
CC-TFW-1-2-0002   Tungsten Flipping Weights: 1/2oz - Black
CC-TFW-1-2-0003   Tungsten Flipping Weights: 1/2oz - Green Pumpkin
CC-TFW-1-2-0001   Tungsten Flipping Weights: 1/2oz - Plain
CC-TFW-1-4   Tungsten Flipping Weights: 1/4oz
CC-TFW-1-4-0002   Tungsten Flipping Weights: 1/4oz - Black
CC-TFW-1-4-0001   Tungsten Flipping Weights: 1/4oz - Plain
CC-TFW-3-4   Tungsten Flipping Weights: 3/4oz
CC-TFW-3-4-0002   Tungsten Flipping Weights: 3/4oz - Black
CC-TFW-3-4-0001   Tungsten Flipping Weights: 3/4oz - Plain
CC-TFW-3-8   Tungsten Flipping Weights: 3/8oz
CC-TFW-3-8-0002   Tungsten Flipping Weights: 3/8oz - Black
CC-TFW-3-8-0001   Tungsten Flipping Weights: 3/8oz - Plain
CC-TDS   Tungsten Skinny Drop Shot Weights
CC-TDS-0001   Tungsten Skinny Drop Shot Weights - 1/4oz, 4pk
CC-TDS-0002   Tungsten Skinny Drop Shot Weights - 3/16oz, 5pk
CC-TDS-0003   Tungsten Skinny Drop Shot Weights - 3/8oz, 3pk
CC-TWW-1-2   Tungsten Worm Weights: 1/2oz
CC-TWW-1-2-0002   Tungsten Worm Weights: 1/2oz - Black
CC-TWW-1-2-0003   Tungsten Worm Weights: 1/2oz - Green Pumpkin
CC-TWW-1-2-0001   Tungsten Worm Weights: 1/2oz - Plain
CC-TWW-1-4   Tungsten Worm Weights: 1/4oz
CC-TWW-1-4-0002   Tungsten Worm Weights: 1/4oz - Black
CC-TWW-1-4-0003   Tungsten Worm Weights: 1/4oz - Green Pumpkin
CC-TWW-1-4-0001   Tungsten Worm Weights: 1/4oz - Plain
CC-TWW-3-4   Tungsten Worm Weights: 3/4oz
CC-TWW-3-4-0002   Tungsten Worm Weights: 3/4oz - Black
CC-TWW-3-4-0003   Tungsten Worm Weights: 3/4oz - Green Pumpkin
CC-TWW-3-4-0001   Tungsten Worm Weights: 3/4oz - Plain
CC-TWW-3-8   Tungsten Worm Weights: 3/8oz
CC-TWW-3-8-0003   Tungsten Worm Weights: 3/8oz - Green Pumpkin
CC-TWW-3-8-0001   Tungsten Worm Weights: 3/8oz - Plain
TwinVTail4cavity   Twin V Tail Grub - 4 cavity
TWINJECTOR   TWINJECTOR™ Dual Color Hand Injection Kit
101-1-1   Worm101
102-1-1   Worm102

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